Little is normal about Will and Sandra, except the name of the Illinois town where they live. The two precocious eight-year-olds share overactive imaginations, a love of baseball and genuine affection for each other. Oh yeah…and they are both budding superheroes.


Why Thuperman? Well, after a playground accident in the first grade, one involving a pretty but older girl, a bully and a teeter-totter, Will bites the tip of his tongue off. After healing he talks with a distinct lisp. As a result Will shuns people he doesn’t know well mostly because people have trouble understanding what he says. But he doesn’t have that problem with Sandra, his best friend. Each day is a new adventure for the kids and an excuse to get on their bikes and enjoy being kids. Sandra, a natural athlete, helps Will overcome his lack of confidence to try out as pitcher for the local little league baseball team.


Will helps Sandra convince her mother to let her learn to play guitar instead of piano.Together the duo explore Fairland, rename the city park Tree Land and create a map/maze they call Amazing World, as they remake their part of the universe. Oh yes, down the street there’s an old house they must ride past each day. A large, scary dog guards the place. Everyone says the house is haunted. An elderly brother and sister live there – kids say he’s the grim reaper and she’s a witch.