Benny Sims can trace the origin of his love for storytelling to reading Jack London’s “The Call Of The Wild” when he was seven years old, and listening to his uncle tell stories of being an artillery cannoneer in North Africa and Italy during World War II. Several teachers in high school and college recognized his aptitude for writing and encouraged him to pursue it, and he’s never stopped since.

He grew up in Tennessee but moved to southern Illinois when he was 14. After attending college in Murray, Kentucky, he relocated back to Tennessee to work as a journalist. He now lives in Huntsville, Alabama, working in the aerospace industry.

Most writers have their own quirky habits, but he does something that most writers don’t. Whenever possible, he writes while standing. He got the idea after visiting Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West, Florida, decided to give it a try, and noticed an immediate difference in his writing quality.

His life-long dream of having a novel published will be realized with the upcoming release of his debut novel, “Code Gray,” a thriller/mystery dealing with politics, murder, voter manipulation, and the money behind all of it.

Code Gray

Coming soon... a bamboo grove near you.