Book 2 of the Crimson Chronicles

After Angelina survives her nightmarish journey into the Crimson Forest and unlocks its mysteries, she returns home with the knowledge that true magic does, in fact, exist. She now lives happily with the love of her life, Nicolai, and with time has found normality finally returning.

However, nightmares foretelling of the Earth’s demise with the rise of a crimson moon begin to plague Angelina. Nicolai insists that the forest is not to blame, but soon Angelina's friend Laurana is abducted by a stranger who disappears into the forest with her. To save her friend and discover what the stranger has to do with her nightmares, Angelina must bring herself to return to the place that has already caused her so much misery. 

The weight of saving humanity once again rests upon Angelina’s shoulders, but time is swiftly running out. With her companions by her side, she will once again fight to save the world she loves, no matter the cost.

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