Dave Housley was born in the Summer of Love and was a one-year-old living with his parents in a rented summer house in Washington, DC during the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King. From there, life generally got a lot more quiet, but he never lost his fascination with the turbulent decade of his birth. At Gettysburg College in the late Eighties he discovered (along with many other things, some of them legal) the Grateful Dead, and he’s been listening to them ever since. In This Darkness Got to Give, Dave’s love of the Dead intersects with his fascination for some of the more unusual elements of the Sixties in ways that even he didn’t see coming, but he’s relieved that all that time spent Googling “Project MK Ultra” and “CIA mind control LSD experiments” finally led to something.


This Darkness Got to Give is Dave’s first novel. He has spent most of his writing career penning literary short fiction. He is the author of four story collections of increasing weirdness, including Massive Cleansing Fire, Commercial Fiction, If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home, and his first collection, Ryan Seacrest is Famous.


He is one of the Founding Editors of Barrelhouse, a literary magazine and small press that also organizes the Conversations and Connections Writer’s Conference, the writing retreat Writer Camp, and the Barrelhouse Presents Reading Series in Washington, DC. Sometimes he drinks boxed wine and tweets about the things on his television at @housleydave.


This Darkness Got to Give

Vampires, the Grateful Dead, and hippies.

Cain is a quiet man who has crafted a methodical, if unorthodox, lifestyle that has allowed him to live with a difficult condition for more than two decades. Cain follows the Grateful Dead and is one of the legion of Deadheads who remain perpetually “on tour,” following the band from city to city. Cain takes solace in the predictable rhythms of the tour – the setting up and breaking down and then moving on to another place, the shows, the “Shakedown Street” market with its vendors hawking tee shirts and incense, beer and weed and gooballs. He’s been on tour so long he really doesn’t know how to be what he is away from the Grateful Dead. When the Dead plays in Detroit, he goes to Detroit. When they take a day off, so does he. It is simple, and this simplicity allows Cain to manage his condition: he is a vampire...