A Dad, Husband and Author living in south Texas. He writes across almost any genre, excluding romance, while enjoying taking a splash of paranormal into a generic situation or genre to add a little spice, as you will be able to see easily with my first published novel: Knights of the Shield.


He has completed the Magehunter draft, book one of a five book fantasy series of the same name. Now, currently editing Magehunter, writing Priesthunter, plotting Roguehunter, Kinghunter, and Godhunter while working on Lifeblood, a paranormal drama.


Knights of the Shield

Sometimes, the past must teach you about the future...

Detective Luke Graham was once a highly decorated top cop. When his father, also a police detective, is gunned down in the line of duty, despair burns in Luke’s heart, turning his life and career into bitter ashes. He becomes a pariah on the force. No one wants him as a partner because they can’t trust him to have their backs and everyone knows Luke trusts no one. He’s lost all faith in his fellow police officers, himself and his God. He’s a ticking time bomb about to explode...



Coming soon... a bamboo grove near you!


Coming soon... a bamboo grove near you!