Born in California, Jill Hannah Anderson lived everywhere from the Azore Islands to Florida. After her dad left the Air Force, the family settled in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she lived until she graduated from high school.


Voted “Most Imaginative” in high school, Jill assumed everyone else looked at life with What If goggles too. She’s often told that she asks too many questions, but finds it a great way to learn about people.


You’ll rarely find her without pen and paper nearby, for the random stories popping in her head. Unfortunately, they tend to show up when she’s running, which is a problem because she does not run with a pen and paper.  


Jill now lives on a lake in a small town in Central Minnesota with her husband and their empty nest. It is rarely a quiet nest though, as they enjoy their six adult children and ever-increasing number of grandchildren when they come to visit.


For nearly two decades, Jill has worked at a communications company. She also has written part-time for a Minnesota women’s magazine for over ten years. In her spare time (is there such a thing?) she pursued her dream to write a book. Her first women’s fiction novel, The To-Hell-And-Back Club, will be published in spring, 2017.


She is a member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), and is currently at work on her second women’s fiction novel. When she isn’t working, writing, or reading, you’ll find her running, curling, biking, and enjoying time with family and friends.


The To-Hell-And-Back Club

Who can you turn to when your life falls apart?

Peyton Brooks hits rock bottom following the tragic loss of her three friends. She has a new empty nest, a comatose marriage and is struggling to rebuild her life without those friends. Growing up in Texas, Peyton found herself transplanted to central Minnesota years ago thanks to an unplanned pregnancy, leaving her only support system—her sister—states away...

Crazy Little Town Called Love

Thirty-two-year-old Molly’s cushy life tanks when her boyfriend bails on her...

...and their home.

She needs a place to live and a new job—and the answer to both may be in a quaint town called Love. The town where her deceased mother grew up, a town where an old General Store and home have been willed to Molly’s family…a town with secrets and people with long memories.

Molly is ready for a do-over and a chance to prove to herself that she can make it on her own. She puts elbow grease, heart, and half her savings, into giving the old place a facelift. As her business grows, so does her relationship with Jackson—the owner of the hardware store—and great-nephew to the woman who willed her business to Molly’s family.