Laura Ellen Scott is a novelist whose titles with Pandamoon Publishing include The Juliet and The Mean Bone in Her Body, the first book in her New Royal Mysteries series. Scott was named after the classic noir film and song, Laura, so it’s no surprise that she has always been drawn to dark themes and quirky characters, and her bizarre, complex stories have prompted comparisons to the work of Tom Robbins, Kelly Link, and Robert Altman. Her early short stories appeared in places like Ploughshares, Pank, Mississippi Review, and Wigleaf, but it wasn’t until she received an out-of-the-blue email from the great Dorothy Allison, the author of Bastard Out of Carolina, that she started writing novels. That email said, among other things: “Damn you are good. You are just seriously satisfyingly good.” Eventually Allison would blurb Laura’s first novel, Death Wishing, a comic fantasy set in post-Katrina New Orleans, where dying wishes are starting to come true.


Her second novel is The Juliet, a western thriller that traces the 100-year history of a cursed emerald culminating in a search for it in Death Valley during the great wildflower bloom of 2005. The Mean Bone in Her Body is the first book in a series set in a fictional college/prison town in Ohio, where a liberal arts college joins forces with the corrections industry to offer a unique crime writing program.


Born and raised in Northern Ohio, Laura now lives in Fairfax, Virginia, where she teaches creative writing at George Mason University.

The Juliet

An American dream gone corrupt, bawdy, and half-insane.

THE JULIET is a novel that braids the history of a cursed emerald called The Juliet with the story of an ailing, retired cowboy actor  who comes to Death Valley to search for her. Rigg Dexon, best known for his role as Holt Breck in the classic but controversial seventies Western, Gallows River, holes up for months in a shack known as the Mystery House, until he is driven out of seclusion by the record breaking wildflower bloom of March 2005 that draws swarms of tourists to the desert...


The Mean Bone In Her Body

What’s your truth?

THE MEAN BONE IN HER BODY is the first installment in The New Royal Mysteries Series, set in a college/prison town in Ohio where the local University has taken drastic steps to save the liberal arts from decline by marrying the town’s Higher Education and Corrections industries to offer a unique, hands on Crime Writing Program.The most disciplined and least liked professor in the fledgling program, Dr. Elizabeth Murgatroyd has been charged with the impossible duty of making sure that Jeaneane Lewis graduates. Lewis, a graduate research assistant with a fondness for emotional chaos and throw-back 1980s fashion, is among the program’s first admitted class, and in her second semester she just happens to discover a grisly crime scene right in the heart of New Royal--a frigid garden pond where the bodies of a murdered military widow and her two small children are being watched over by Daddy, a retired cadaver dog...

Crybaby Lane: The New Royal Mysteries, Book 2

Sometimes the difference between trash and treasure is a matter of life and death.

Welcome back to New Royal, Ohio, where the last descendent of its founding family, ninety-seven-year-old Viola Horup, has been bludgeoned to death in her mansion on an icy December night, leaving behind boxes of treasure and garbage. Detective Steve Rasmussen isn't a stupid man, but he likes simple solutions, meaning he's destined to butt heads with Crocus Rowe, a punk ex-con alumna of the University's Crime Writing Program, who doesn't believe that Viola's murder is just a "robbery-gone-wrong." Crocus' theory is proven correct in the most gruesome way possible when she discovers the broken body of an estate agent in Viola's cellar. Against the backdrop of a community obsessed with a mysterious game involving the sudden appearance of words and phrases scattered all over town, Crocus seeks answers in the dark history of New Royal where all roads lead to Crybaby Lane.