Angus Conn has seen more than his share of human calamity as a seasoned foreign correspondent, but reporting on the Syrian conflict kicked him in the emotional gut. After the ruthless Syrian regime cut off power, water, medical aid, and all other supplies to the decimated village of Al Waer, in the besieged outskirts of Homs, Angus is presented with a once-in-a-career opportunity to track the trade of ancient Syrian artifacts for opposition weapons. As the only outside hope for the civilian population to survive, he returns home and secretly works to substitute the illegal weapons for a privately-funded humanitarian relief convoy to break the siege and evacuate Syrian orphans.


Before he returns to Syria to oversee his evacuation plan, Angus foolishly agrees to take Jake Westin, a hot young movie star, to accompany him on assignment as research for his next big role. When Jake secretly smuggles himself into Syria against Angus’ wishes, they must fight to survive hostile Syrian troops, a rebel kidnapping, constant thirst and hunger, barrel bombs from the sky, and each other as they race to bring the besieged children of Al Waer out of Syria with their lives and their story


Grant Blackwood, NYT Bestselling Author of DEAD OR ALIVE and UNDER FIRE (co-written with Tom Clancy)

"An engrossing and authentic thriller. Remember the name Todd Tavolazzi. You’ll be seeing it a lot..."

Peter Telep, #1 NYT Bestselling Author of THE SECRET CORPS and AGAINST ALL ENEMIES (co-written with Tom Clancy)

“One of those rare books that remains with readers long after they put it down…"

Ranya Alkadamani, Founder of The Impact Group International.

“Looking Into the Sun delved into the characters of those most affected by the Syria crisis. This book tells their stories, heartache and trauma. A must read.”