Adultery. Murder. Something worse, set in Des Moines, IA, modern day.


A private detective determined to unravel it all.


When an adultery investigation takes a violent turn, Fred Dunsmore lands in the hospital with a near-fatal stab wound and private investigator Moses Winter lands in jail. Moses is not alone, though. He’s there with his unstable client, Sharon Dunsmore, and Fred’s mistress, a Bosnian refugee who just happens to be related to the DCI agent investigating the case, Raif Rakić.  


After Rakić secures their release, Fred disappears, and Moses Winter must find the man his client tried to kill, and in doing so navigate the murky depths of the Des Moines criminal underworld run by the local Bosnian mafia syndicate.


Made Safe is a mystery/suspense novel that will be published by Pandamoon Publishing in the winter of 2017.