A young boy, gifted with tremendous magical power, must learn to control it. Conscripted by the Magehunters, a group that hunts and terminates rogue mages, Jace finds himself walking a razor’s edge between surviving, as he promised his father, or enacting great change in one of the most feared groups in the world. Ripped from his home and sequestered for ten long years at the Academy, he must to master his power and stay true to the Academy’s charter, or risk their reprisal. With great power, comes great responsibility, and with that responsibility, comes the very real possibility of battle.

Vulnerable and alone, Jace gains companions, but then learns protecting them from the Academy, and even himself, can be a monumental task. Dividing the realities of doing what he must, versus doing what is right, will bring him to the brink of disaster, with only his moral compass to protect him.