Multiple Award-Winning Author Meg Bonney is a paralegal by day, a TV reviewer by night and a writer every moment in between. Meg enjoys stories with strong emotional relationships but that aren’t necessarily romantic. Her TV watching and writing has always been more focused in the sci-fi/fantasy genre where the stakes are high and the consequences are dire and because fairies, mermaids, monsters and witches make her happy. Meg lives in Wisconsin with her husband, her two young daughters, two cats, three hermit crabs and one very spoiled fish. Meg enjoys impromptu dance parties with her daughters, strong coffee, baking and getting way too emotionally invested in fictional characters.



Give your destiny the finger...

Madison Rosewood is about to graduate and head off toward a big, bright future that any kid would kill for: a full ride on a track scholarship, the world's greatest best friend, and an aunt that has always provided for her. The problem? Madison just wants to find her birth parents, even if it costs her all of the above...