Originally from south Louisiana, Nola Nash now makes her home in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband and three children.  Growing up in Baton Rouge, she spent long hours onstage or backstage in the local community theaters, and writing stories that refused to leave her head any other way than to be put on paper.  Her biggest inspiration was the city of New Orleans that gave her at an early age a love of the magic, mystery, and history. There are few better places for her to dream up stories than walking through the French Quarter or Garden District imagining what those places could tell.  Even now, she makes as many trips down as she can gathering fascinating stories and unique new friends.

Nola has a Masters degree in education, which means when she isn’t writing, she’s teaching English and co-directing the school plays and musicals.  She is also a certified Teacher Consultant for the Middle Tennessee Writing Project.  If the weather is warm enough, she’s out on her deck tending her garden and suburban wildlife that hang out there.  If she’s inside, she’s probably geeking out over BBC America. When she can, Nola sneaks a few minutes to meditate (only a few minutes because meditating can lead to naps and those make her discombobulated.)  She also considers tacos and coffee major food groups.

Historical, paranormal, and fantasy may be her jams in novels, but Nola lets her bohemian side out on her blog: Music City Hippie.


Nola is excited to be part of Pandamoon Publishing.  She is drawn to their creative use of technology, strong business best practices, and their healthy dose of humor.  Being able to be directly involved in the process of bringing a book to life while having so many people helping and cheering her on are more reasons Nola is happy to be a Panda!


Crescent City Moon

Coming soon... a panda grove near you.