Cass Blankenship is released after spending ten years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit. The terms of her parole have her released to live with her sister Evangeline in the Blankenship House for Displaced Women and Children back home in Arkansas, where she’s bunking with speed freaks and hookers.


Cass’s fresh start is waiting for her in California, but she has to wait for a parole transfer. And she can’t get a parole transfer unless she stays out of trouble. But trouble keeps finding her.


When Evangeline tells her that Blankenship House is about to go under, Cass is cornered into clearing her name so she can receive the inheritance that her father left for her. Cass soon realizes she can’t get it done on her own, and her only choice is to enlist help from her hesitant but desperate parole officer. But first she has to find her sister, who's taken off to do meth with her ex’s creepy son, find a way to pay the bills at the House, and help a teenaged felon deliver a baby, all while avoiding her ex and his Wrangler snake. And if her plan goes south, she’ll be back in the can by Labor Day.