Randolph Splitter graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Hamilton College; earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley; taught literature, creative writing, and composition for many years at Caltech and De Anza College; and edited the national literary magazine Red Wheelbarrow for ten of those years.

In addition to stories and essays, he has published three books: The Ramadan Drummer, Body and Soul, and Proust’s ‘Recherche’: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation. He's also written prize-winning screenplays and made short films. 

The son of immigrants from Vienna, he currently lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon. When he's not reading, writing, or playing tennis, he likes to exercise his social conscience.


The Ramadan Drummer

A child is wounded, a teenage girl goes missing, and a man is kidnapped…

In this story about clashing values and the search for connection in a multicultural world, the drummer wakes the faithful during Ramadan in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Little Mecca so that they can eat before beginning their daily fast. But in this culturally diverse American city, the Ramadan drummer wakes believers and nonbelievers alike.