Seth Augenstein is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. His fiction
has appeared in Writer's Digest, Squalorly, the Molotov Cocktail, the
Kudzu Review, Ginosko, and other magazines and podcasts, with a
handful due to appear in 2018 in the Manawaker Studio Flash Fiction
Podcast, the Manor House podcast, and Bete Noir magazine.

A journalist by day, he spent a decade writing for New Jersey newspapers, most
recently at The Star-Ledger. Currently he writes about true-life
horror and crime solving for Forensic Magazine.



by Seth Augenstein

"...a complex and captivating read... 
Could governments, and specifically in this story the US government, truly sacrifice large populations for medical science? 
What happens in Project 137 set in 2087 isn't all that improbable.... 
In fact, what happens in this novel is alarmingly possible."

- Readers' Favorite Review