Sitnalta Series, Book 2

In book-2 of the Sitnalta series, Princess Sitnalta has been living happily ever after with Queen Aud and King Gerald as her adoptive parents, enjoying peace and prosperity in her world. Her growing friendship with the mysterious Prince Navor leads her on a journey to visit his island kingdom. While there, she receives the horrible news that her kingdom has been stolen and that cruel King Wilhelm is responsible. 

But taking the kingdom is not enough for King Wilhelm. He wants Sitnalta as his Queen and will stop at nothing until he has her, even if it means releasing Sitnalta’s imprisoned father, the evil dethroned King Supmylo to aid in his quest.

Far from home and unsure of whom to trust, Sitnalta must find a way to save her kingdom and herself, and return her beloved Aud and Gerald to their rightful thrones.