Tiffany Rose believes that writing in the third person is generally a sign of one of three things. Narcissism, literally being Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings, or an author bio. Thankfully, it's the latter this time. She's still waiting for her Starfleet uniform to arrive, but isn't so picky about color. Until then she spends her time writing about magical girls, the morally grey, and articles that would warrant the title of cyberpunk beatnik.


But not that's not all folks, when this feminist isn’t writing there is a good chance Photoshop is open and making graphics for anyone in need. Because the only thing better than making words, is making pixel encoded art for fun or marketing purposes.

Sitting on the intersections of queer and disabled, she spends a lot of time in the attempt to become someone notable in the asexuality community. Running such projects as FYeahAsexual, Creative Aces, and Ace Book Club. Any extra time would ideally be spent looking out for plot bunnies and serendipity, but in reality, likely used on refreshing twitter.

Her short stories have appeared in the Fairy Twisted Tales For A Horribly Ever After and the Unburied Fables collections. Her debut novel, Hello World, is the first in an adult science fiction series and will released during Winter of 2016-17. If you can't wait until then, you can get a dose of science fiction now in the video game inspired book, Bone Diggers, available free on Wattpad.


Hello World

Destroy the system.
Shift ctrl.

Scott’s skills as a surveillance expert come in pretty handy when he’s breaking down firewalls. But hacktivism isn’t enough; he’s going after the holy grail—UltSyn’s Human Information Drives, human assets implanted with cerebral microchips. While plenty of hackers are trying to save the world these days, all Scott wants is to find his sister...