Ward is a rare species in Florida: a resident who actually was born here.  However, at the age of two he was brought north under the naïve belief that he’d remain small and cute like the baby alligators Florida tourists bring home.
After growing up in Connecticut, Ward attended the University of Pennsylvania and Kings College, London. He has worked for TV Guide Magazine, a Colorado newspaper, an Arkansas TV station and advertising agencies in Dallas, Miami and New York City. At one time, he lived in a funky cottage community that had formerly been a pineapple plantation. It was located on Florida’s Indian River, in a settlement called Eden. That name has disappeared from the maps, but has been resurrected in Pariah, the first of the Zeke Adams mystery novels.
            Ward is a founding partner of a South Florida ad agency, a member of the Mystery Writers of America and an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. His short fiction has appeared in numerous genre, literary and mainstream publications (see his bibliography at www.wardparker.com). He enjoys reading, photography, beachcombing, kayak fishing and spending time with his wife and cats.


Zeke Adams Book 1: Pariah

Notoriety can be deadly.

Zeke is a former tabloid journalist who lands on the receiving end of scandal when he’s mistakenly labeled a sexual offender. He tries to clear his name with the help of his tenants in Eden, Florida: a collection of drunks, kooks and a 100-year-old lothario. It won’t be easy, especially with the townspeople hating him, human traffickers trying to kill him and the police wanting him in jail.